Friday, 10 May 2013

Gay cat fight: Stay away from my man Somizi.

Adibe, who got very closely to Somizi in the past few months and the two started following each other on twitter, and also exchanged private messages told the newspaper that “we are not dating- Somizi is stalking me.”

He went further to explain, “It was in a club in Melville. The same night he asked me out for dinner and I agreed.

“We ate pasta and prawns. At the dinner, Somizi told me that he liked me, that I made him happy. I told him that I was a straight man- not gay!”
SUPRISE, SURPRISE, Thokozani Mfusi has come out with guns blazing, claiming that “straight man” Price is his “boyfriend” and issued Somizi with a warning: “hands off my man”
“Somizi must stick to his own age and leave us young gays alone,” Thokozani was quoted in the newspaper as saying.


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