Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Is Mandela in Good shape as the ANC claims? some of the comments about Mandela From Sowetan live

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Ok media tell me what do you want from Mandela?Can't you just leave him alone? 
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30 Apr 2013


Another user wrote: "Mandela is not in a good shape, the government have the nerve to lie straight to our faces."
Good statement.
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30 Apr 2013


But does not look like a real person, it looked like a wax or something, i am starting to believe the theory that Mandela passed on long time ago, my opinion
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30 Apr 2013


When a person is said to be in good spirits,that would mean that he's able to talk,recognise,smile and walk by himself. On the last day of the World Cup,Graca had to tell Mandela to wave a hand to the fans,by then he was starting to black out. Zuma and his Mac should stop using this "good spirits" term nxxx.
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30 Apr 2013


that why nancy,the wife of ronald reagan(40th president of usa) never allowed visitors to come and see his husband when he was diagnosed with alzheimer's disease because she simply wanted ppl to remeber the president the way she was..
i beleive when someone is sick it should be kept private by the family not be a bias of a media.
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30 Apr 2013


Media are politician and celebrity's worst enemy and good friends of odinary people like you and me.
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30 Apr 2013


Man I felt sad at the fading madiba on last night news. Such a painful experience.
Sesotho se re: " lefu ke ngwetsi ya malapa o hle"

We are all going to die anytime soon...*sad*
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30 Apr 2013


soo sad the great mean made to look like an animal in the zoo.Bad attempt by the ANC to claim him back from the DA!!!
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30 Apr 2013


Dubul: WIth respect, I don't blame media greed for this one. I blame Zuma for repeatedly trotting out this wonderful man in order to capitalise on his reputation. He's trying to ride on the coat-tails of a hero, and to appear to the nation as if he cares. So he trots out a pack of lies as some kind of placebo. His speech was laughable.
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30 Apr 2013


Why did the family allow the photographers inside the house and let the politicians lie to us?
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Monday, 29 April 2013

Khany Mbau is still being concidered for Big Brother season 8

together with some of the celebrities

Siyabonga Twala and actress Zikhona Sodlaka have joined the cast of Muvhango for Season 14.

SABC2 and WORD OF MOUTH PICTURES are delighted to announce that well known theatre and TV actor Siyabonga Twala and actress Zikhona Sodlaka have joined the cast of Muvhango for Season 14.
The actors are set to appear as husband and wife, entering the business world already dominated by the Mukwevhos and the Mulaudzi’s.
Zikhona Sodlaka joins Muvhango
The formidable Siyabonga Twala will play the role of Busani Mojalefa while Sodlaka will play the role of his wife Joyce Mojalefa.
Twala is one of the most sought after actors in the country and most respected in the Television and Stage profession. He has starred in amongst others Scandal, Generations and a variety of theatre plays. Recently he appeared in the new telenovela isiBaya.
Zikhona Sodlaka has featured in a SAFTA winning drama series Soul City 10, A Place called Home, Tsha Tsha and Ryhthm City to name a few. She has also landed acting roles in feature films such as Jury Divided, Skeem and Mr Mob French feature.
Siyabonga Twala joins Muvhango
These multi-talented actors bring a wealth of experience and much chemistry to the ensemble cast, said Muvhango Publicist, Kgalema Eugene Mametse.
The two actors have already started shooting with the production and will debut in June 2013.
He’s a qualified economist, who has worked in managerial positions of various financial institutions in South Africa. From Investec, First Rand and Discovery where he oversaw major acquisitions of companies and asserts management. He is hailed as the future entrepreneur. The CEO position at MH is his crowning glory.
The tragic heroine. She is Busani’s wife. A breast cancer survivor who has used her tragedy to help improve the lives of those less fortunate. She is affectionate and caring. A woman of grace who possess empathy for people around her. She can be stubborn when she has set her mind of something. She is the calming effect in Busani’s life.-
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Friday, 26 April 2013

WHO DO U THINK SHOULD HOST THE SAMA AWARDS 2013? but definetly not Connie Ferguson or Zahara

you choose

Leleti Khumalo Pregnant

picture from: sowetanlive.co.za

Leleti Khumalo the former generation actress and Sarafina star is pregnant. The 43 year old first time mom she is due to deliver in June.
Leleti Khumalo and her husband Skhutazo Winston had already started shopping for the babies clothes and necessity requirements.  And she is planning to take the pregnancy easy to avoid any complication because she has been trying to fall pregnant for years, now it’s her chance to embrace being a mother.
Congrats to her! All the best.
by: Bobontle Mopeloa

Thursday, 25 April 2013

20 things women should never, ever, do

picture from:www.sowetanlive.com
1.Do not shave off your eyebrows only to redraw them with a pencil… it makes no sense
2. Do not put on too much make up, you end up looking like you came out of the make-up factory.

3. Do not wear a vest or sleeveless top without shaving your armpits or without a bra underneath

4. Do not leave chipped nail polish to wear off on its own, there's a reason why they sell nail polish remover.

5. If you can’t afford good quality weaves, don’t bother.

6. Do not do artificial nails that makes you look like a drag queen, simple is always sexy.

7. See-through leggings or a top used as a dress when you are out in public is a hell-to-the-no!

8. Never do things for a man with a hope of getting something in return, expectations are dangerous. Do it because you simply want to.

9. Never contradict what your man says - in public.

10. Never stalk the man that left you for the other woman

11. Do not share your best friend's personal life with every Tom, Dick and Harry.

12. Women should never act on distress in relationships like checking your man’s phone, nagging him to death, and acting like a paranoid freak. You will simply release him to someone else by doing so.

13. Never dish out your entire family drama on a first date. The guy just wants to know about you.

14. Stop obsessing over your body. It’s good to eat healthy and work out but let's leave it at that.

15. Never over-accessorize. stop looking like a Christmas tree.

16. Never leave home without lipgloss, your phone and most of all, your dignity.

17. Never leave your used sanitary towel in the toilet for the next person to see. Women please!

18. Never wear very high heels if you can’t do the Naomi Campbell walk. You look like a drunk grasshopper.

19. Never wear short skirts and low cut tops when off to an interview. You will create the wrong impression.

20. And finally, 'Never wish to be like any other woman. There are others out there envying you for who you are' - Author unknownave off your eyebrows only to redraw them with a pencil… it makes no sense
story from:sowetanlive.com

Nonhle Thema is back again (hide, hide)

picture from:studio83.co.za
Nonhle Thema is famously known as the former channel O and vuzu presenter, and not to forget her twitter stunts she use to pull out and have fights with celebrities.

Now not so long ago she gave birth to Pheonix Ivy (copied from Beyonce..shh..) and she recently announced that she is engaged to who? we dont know (Maybe Bongani Fassie).
she will return to our screens on Vuzu (soon).
so people get ready!

Mawande and Her Diva tendencies# nOW this cost her eish

 picture from: Www.trufm.co.za
Nambitha Mpumlwana (Mawande) is leaving generation and will appear on your tv till mid-August.
Rumour has it that she got fired because of her diva tendencies and she would often arrive late for the set, but she claims that she is willingly leaving the show (LAUGHS).
and it is said that Sonia Sedibe quit her job after Realising that Nambitha will be earning more than her (Mmmmmm............

                                                                                           picture from: Www.sowetanlive.com

ChianoSky and Locnville will open for Justin Beiber In SA

picture from:www.thesocialite.co.za

picture from:www.belowthelion.co.za -
Justin Beiber will be performing at two stadiums in South Africa.
Cape Town stadium at the 8th
and FNB stadium in Johannesburg at the 12th

Big Concert have confirmed that Chianosky and Locnville will be oppening for Justin Beiber
for tickets For the Cape Town Event go to Www.bigconcert.co.za


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Does Sindi Dlathu Need A Reality show?

Sindi Dlathu (38) is with no doubt South African Most Loved Actress, she is best known for her role in Muvhango as Thandaza.
she is one of the three actors who have appeared on Muvhango sincce its inception in 1997.
she has worked along side Whoopi Goldberg and she is also a proffesional singer who has sung backing vocals for Billy Ocean, Randy Crawford and others.

But I am sure that many of you would agree with me that we would love to see what goes on with Sindi Dlathu behind the camera.
she is not one of those celebrities that attend the wannabe's events (Wanna be famous) she has kept her private life secret and she hadly appears on the tabloids.

But it would be such a great opportunity to finaly see what is going on in her life on a daily basis, Many of us have learned to grow with her character on Movhango and she is probably the only reasons why Most of the People still Watch Movahngo.

And i am sure Many of you crave to see a reality show with quality, rather than the groupies and wannabies (Blame it on fame, Rolling with Kelly Khumalo, Dineo's Diary, Mo-love etc)
And I believe South Africa will be a much better country if it produce celebrities who can be role models too.

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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Top Tv has been granted lincence to porn

picture from:drum.co.za

THE Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) has granted pay channel Top TV the rights to broadcast pornography on their station, the regulator said yesterday.

Gender organisation Women and Children Against Child Abuse (WMACA) expressed shock at Icasa's decision.

"We at MMACA are shocked and appalled that Icasa has granted permission to Top TV to broadcast pornography," said Luke Lamprecht, spokesman for the organisation.

But, Top TV CEO Eddie Mbalo has -in a statement - hailed the Icasa green light as "a victory for democracy and freedom of speech and choice in our country".

The statement added: "What TopTV proposed in its application is that the channels will be offered as a completely separate, stand-alone package to the current TopTV channel offering. _
story from:www.sowetanlive.com


picture from:www.lepoissonrouge.com
We got that waiting in the clinic silence.

That shhh don’t tell nobody what we did silence

and Im so tired of being your hamper that

I’m about to dump out those week old stained ketchup secrets and do laundry in that silence

You like keeping it quiet.

But my vagina is not your walk in closet.

You wanna stuff your unmentionables through me,

Wanna place to hang up your insecurities,

Want me to keep check of your hand me downs and Prada,

Waiting for every occasion to put me back behind closed doors and lock me in the darkness.

Nobody knows you hold my hand

And nobody knows I call you baby

And nobody know you write anonymous poems about me the type you can’t post on Facebook.

Because regardless of what you may think I’m worth or what you may think I deserve,

I will never be that girl,

The girl that’s only allowed to make you smile when she´s making you orgasm,

that girl whose day job is daydreaming waiting for her night job.

That girl who´s so in love she will turn her body over for your superficial touch.

You hide me behind lock doors and bed sheets because if you dare reached out

Then everybody would still know that it was still about me.

So that in your heart and in your mind your still wrapped up in me.

My teardrops you own them,

My hearts strings you got them tied around your pencils and fingers.

Yea, you may say it´s over

And you may never tell me that you love me

But you don’t have to cause your silence speaks volume.

You wanna hold me in your arms rock me to sleep then act like you don’t know me.

As if the moments we spent together are some kind of down payment.

As if my bedroom were lay away

And that’s all you ever do is layaway

Pull up beside me but in the morning pull up the hoodie and run the other way.

I’m like that bastard child

The reason Daddy never stuck around in the first place

But for me rejection doesn´t come every other weekend..

It comes when you lower your head and pass by without speaking

And I remember there was a time you could barely take your eyes off me.

I just don’t understand why its not okay for you to love me.

I guess you just want me to be that girl.

The girl everybody wants to sleep with but nobody wants to be with.

That girl

Only good enough for finding a suitable replacement.

And not trying to make up for the mistake

But you try to convince yourself that she means everything and you want nothing to do with me

But come on baby she looks just like me!

Read the signs or at least the facial features

Cause I was your first, your only,

The prototype and she´s just a duplicate

And you can never make copies without first consulting the blueprint!

You know what they say the sequel is never better than the original.

And she tries to write you stories but you know they’re only half as good,

So half squinting you only hold her half as tight as you should.

Cause your other half is tangled between my bed sheets,

And your other half is complete within my mind, soul, and body,

And your other half is french tonguing me Monday through Friday.

I’m not fighting for joint custody.

I’m fighting for RESPECT

Cause I will never be content with being your back door hoe.

Your something on the side,

Your something to do on those lonely weekends,

Your closet freak.

You will never produce me to be a skank and a whore that will love you.

I’d rather spend every night crying alone on my bedroom floor than to ever be “that girl”!


Femen spray water on Archbishop - PHOTOS

Belgian Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels and Primate of Belgium Andre-Joseph Leonard reacts after activists from women's rights group Femen sprayed water at him during a conference at Brussels university ULB.
story from: www.sowetanlive.com