Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mshoza's complexion

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It’s heartening to see more and more black girls trying to trade their skin colour for a lighter tone. Young Girls are now convinced that abandoning their skin colour and replacing them with a lighter tone IS the wisest and coolest thing to do. Skin product's in the past were used to enhance women's beauty not change them, but nowadays magazines and televisions are influencing young women to believe that beauty only reside in being lighter. well while I was growing up my mother used to say "black is beautiful " , but I never imagined in a thousand years, that I would be standing in a market place looking for a product that will lighten my skin ( guilty as charged).

However black women’s use of cosmetics and weaves has made them vulnerable to accusations of racial shame (is it true?), the world is divided with those who strongly believe that black women should be proud of their natural hair and skin colour and others who agree that being African is not defined by your hair and cosmetic choice. But are we really comfortable with our skin colour?

With Steve Biko, Nelson Mandela and Maya Angelou gone, I wonder who will teach us and our children the lessons to be proud of our blackness.  Obviously opting for a lighter complexion won’t make one more beautiful than before, but if it makes her feel better than it should be it. But now black women should start abandon their desire and ways to turn themselves white and recognize that inner-beauty is what counts. After all the temple (Body) is yours so do as you please with it, but remember that every action has its consequences. 
 So love yourself - Your Black is beautiful GIRL

Story By: Bobontle Mopeloa

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