Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Are women Gold Diggers

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The notion about love and money in relationships according to the historical records have long existed in Africa, whereby women depended on their husband for financial resources, but nowadays it’s easy to find people being judgemental about women's love for marital things in her relationship. Well according to the research our great grandmothers were always searching for boyfriends who were hard working and had the capacity of building a stable home.

Evidently the historical records prove that men were always providers since the beginning of time, therefore love and money was always hand in hand, with men obliged to provide for their girlfriends. Men were using their gifts and wages to attract women in the past, their ability to acquire financial resources meant they could get any women they wanted.

Saying women are "Gold diggers'' is an understatement without understanding the history of provider love. Men must provide for their women and that’s a fact (according to my understanding), times have changed and things are now more expensive, therefore women demanding more money to “survive” and satisfy their needs. But with the ever changing time women are taking the initiative to become educated and look after themselves.

HENCE the answer is Women are not gold diggers, but they looking out for themselves in your expense (If I may say)

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