Sunday, 9 June 2013

Love, betrayal and drama on BBA: The Chase

BBA housemates waste no time in coupling up.

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Since day one of Big Brother Africa: The Chase, housemates were made to pick a partner to enter the house with - and these couples wasted no time in getting with the programme.

Ruby House seems to be caught up in a love triangle between South Africa’s Koketso and Nigeria’s Beverly as they have fallen for Uganda's LK4.

Now that LK4 and Koketso face possible eviction from the BBA house this week, how will it end?

Speaking to Biggie (BBA) during diary session, the Ugandan charmer boy confessed that he has more feelings for Beverly and he fears leaving the house before telling her how he truly feels about her.

LK4 also says: “We relate, if circumstances were different we would be together, I just do not want to be a soap opera.”

Koketso on the other hand, who has no clue that she is up for eviction, is playing the game even though she has feelings for smooth talking LK4. She confesses that she will not allow their love triangle to confuse her from winning the whopping $300 000

“I am a thinker, Africa should know that I will not be blinded by love. I know what I am doing, my focus is on the prize,” she said.

On the other side of BBA, the Diamond House is also hot with love. Head of house, Ethopia’s Betty saved her sweetheart Sierre Lone's Bolt during the week from facing possible evictions this Sunday.

She replaced him with Feza from Tanzania.

The couple had been tied to each other since day one of the show, they have confessed to having a good relationship with one another.

Could Betty and Bolt have a romantic strategy to help them stay in the game?

In an interesting turn of events, two diamonds in the house have turned into lovers despite the betrayal of nominating each other for eviction.

Zimbabwe’s Hakeem and Tanzania’s Feza have been getting closer by the day. They have been pairing up together for tasks given by Biggie and have even sealed it with a kiss.

Could Hakeem have forgotten about his first lover Cleo from the Ruby house?

Love, drama in the BBA: The Chase game keeps getting hotter.

Up for eviction this week:

The Ruby House couple LK4 and Keketso as well as Diamond house couple Hakeem and Feza together with Namibia's Dillish have been put up for eviction this Sunday.

Housemates that have not been nominated for possible eviction remain in the Chase game competing for the whopping $300 000 that only one winner will walk away with.


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