Tuesday, 23 April 2013


picture taken from:www.ccpalmharbor.org


A bolt from the blue
the witch cast a wicked spell
Sudden it was true,
That my nena has lung infection

Downcast from the news
With faith, slim,  full of detest
And grief, pleas to cease  this
Pain and offer a prayer of gratitude.
Not in vein.

Powerless and weary
As I bow down, isolated from
Earth, this knees have touched
The floor before, but now its a grave
Of sorrow none than before.

God Drag my nena out of
Cold war Shivering for her soul,
He gave her strength to laugh at
This sorrow as it depart in songs of jubilation

Conquered The severe path to dearth
The perfect God came in time and nurtured
Our faith from captivity and made it thick
As the statue of liberty from its believe

Rome was not built in one day
Same as our faith that needs
The word to grow steady
But this is the beginning.
Of a sweet matrimony and
One day we will meet
This phenomenal God and everything
Will be beautiful as the first day
We where born.

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