Wednesday, 24 April 2013


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Beneath the piles of leaves,
underneath his chin,
i could have seen that you are more than an angel of saints, 
roman and catholic the same, 
women of temptation never flurry,
they find the hands of the same men to flourish,
but I never heard you saying you wanna lean on his chest, 
that's why I say you are Cinderella in your own pain.

You never had to labor for any man, 
for that matter many man came to utter words of arcadia,
awoken by the dawn that shines in your face, 
your perfect liberty, your curves that makes you women of a brown skin,
back to the sand that you fell on to rise again 
and they claiming you will never make it again,
but I see you walking tall against the rain, 
so who am I to tell you this again,
you are Cinderella in you own pain.

I remember the tears that we shared, 
lonely nights spend together asking God if we will make it tomor, 
it was an occasion when the moon passes between the earth and the sun so that you. Cannot see all the parts of the sun at the same time, 
the beast that consumed our main pride, 
they said it was our last hope, but even after five years we still bold to hope. Not waiting for something to happen but waiting for Jesus to help with something.

Released from certain things, friends are sometime same as enemies,
with sharp teeth to bite your neck like vampires,
with their bright eyes you never know that there is a devil inside, 
human turned into creatures, trust no1 even preachers.
But I will be your teacher day and night to show you that there are still Good people out there, and there are still more people who need God out there.

So don't shun from the sun, because it can shine as bright as your smile, don't apologize for your eyes glowing some people need that light and do not even feel sorry for falling, just stand up and walk like nothing happened.

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