Tuesday, 23 April 2013


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I heard footsteps
As we crawl under
The bed I could feel 
His anger and rage
For the second time this day

Massive devil inside
Of his, isolation from 
God with a sharp knife
As he points it to my
Mother, she screamed 
In silence, blood sprinkled
Under the carpet
Gasping for the last
Precious air, penetrated
Through the dark skin and
The black heart lying on the floor
Obtaining beats through a portion
Of walls, that suddenly turned black
Like paited corpes and the red
Roses in mahogany casket.

Vacant spirited man
Defeated our strenght to mosit
From rocks to sand, to dust
As we stand in the grave 
The coffin 
Sixfeet under
With no space of air to breath
The last word

Insane and blaming
A men who just killed
A women, who loved, women
Who love men who raped them
Slaughter  and left for dead with
Vultures to pry

A rich killer just died yesterday
With the piece of him
The lagacy he lives
And his sons
Will always know
That my father was a killer

With dark memories, hesistant
Of light, anticipate the worst
As you forbit and curse your mother words
Obliged to detest, anger,
Enormous pain. Blood stains, blood stains
In your palms straining your 
Next 160 dregrees as the tie, hungs in the celling
And your legs float in air, lifeless body
Wasted, wasted coffin, wasted prayer, wasted
Tent. Wasted tears

Let's take the time to think, about 
The time we've taken, to think about
The time, beneath the piles of 
Leaves, underneath his chin, 
Because the God
In you is bigger
Than the devil that's been troubling you
Immense faith, is like a 
Bright, spotless path, potent
And brave to defeat the
Enemies red-tape.

Liberate yourself from
 full of loath and 
Forbid the devils trick
The audacity to see you
Trip and fall unexpected
Make space for proficient in you
 and God will use you.

A rich killer just died yesterday
With his granny turning 98 
He died at 28: 8am iwas his
Funeral today,buried in ashes
With his stains that will
Never be removed but only 
By prayers. Amen

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