Monday, 9 September 2013

(Poetry) Jasmine Mans - You Gone Get The Work Nigga

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Jasmine Mans - You Gone Get The Work Nigga
I know niggas in Timb boots that’ll stomp your face through a fucking floor
Prisons that got bars that are better than yours
Y’know I would say I’m sonning you bastards
But if it was left up to me, you woulda been gone by the morning after
If Assata Shakur broke out of prison,
Why would I respect a nigga doing a bitch sentence for no snitching?
You got ya niggas out here dying deaths bloodier than Christ’s, yet not even worth half the sacrifice
If Malcolm killed for freedom, why would I respect you niggas out here killing for bragging rights?
You females are emcee, yeah, but you half the light
All you do is rap about your pussy, so your walls and your rhymes are half as tight
You the baddest bitch, yeah, all the bark but half the bite
Never needed Martin to tell me that a million men weren’t made to march to Maybach Music
There is no secondary to revolutionary so I’ll put Calvary in my vocabulary
And if I’m my father’s child then fuck it, my resurrection is hereditary
All you niggas talk about is pussy, clothes and gunplay
But God so loved the world that He sent me to spit you a Easter Sunday
Your reign is over nigga, it’s His Son’s day
Don’t make it rain if you can’t make shit grow
Don’t say you love your hood but can’t spit a 16 about hope
Don’t say you believe in God if you’re the same nigga that gained the whole world for the price of your soul
Don’t say that numbers don’t lie if they made you believe that you could put a price on your soul
And all you’ve got to show for yourself is a body full of tattoos and nice clothes
Answer me this: is a fly nigga really a fly nigga if no one’s around to see him when the curtains closed?
Or do niggas who say they get bitches really get bitches if all he fucks is hoes?
And if niggas who say they get bitches really get bitches like they say they get bitches
Then chances are that nigga probably got fleas and he may be mistaking for being sick with HIV
But these niggas are immune to the system and blood-tested in the street
He’d rather beat his blues over the street, he’s positive Eazy-E
But before the results came out, he died in his Chuck’s and his Dickie’s
Congrats nigga
, your dick may be long but that’s the only thing about you that’s deep
The most harmful thing in the world is a nigga with a microphone whose mind is weak
If it takes a village to raise a child, it’s funny how you make millions and niggas back at home are still dying right on your street
Because niggas like you have never been “Man in the Mirror” enough to watch what you speak
You ain’t drop out of school because you needed to hustle
You dropped out of school because you couldn’t read
You was sick of niggas clowning you in Block C
Now you a rich fella who makes fun of regular niggas with college degrees
But the difference between the man you are and the men they are is that they can read their children bedtime stories
Ignorant is the man who thinks he’s winning but can’t pronounce the credits on his own CD or the tags on his own clothes
I get it, you niggas should stick to pony, it’s only two syllables
You know I always pictured Kanye with one of Carol’s Daughters, never a fucking Kardashian
But shit, nowadays even Carol’s Daughters don’t even look African
If God forgives and you don’t, that makes you half the man, yet all the sin
But I guess there’s no point in believing in God if you can’t see Him
And if He’s small enough to wear around your neck, I see why you niggas think that you could be Him
You niggas mistake heaven for being rich, real weight for being a clip, honesty for being a snitch
Soon, you won’t even be able to tell the difference between your daughter and ya bitch

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