Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Stress Is For White People- Says Zuma

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On Radio yesterday president Zuma himself said there’s nothing more to know because everything about him is already out. Chatting to Putco Mafani on Umhlobo Wenene ’ s morning show called BEE (Breakfast Eyondlayo Ekuseni), Zuma said he ’ s spoken about all the time. “There’s nothing people dont’ know about me,” he said, adding that he does not let the stories get to him. “There are people who talk sense and there are those who talk nonsense.” Speaking in fluent Xhosa, Zuma was his charming self and had the breakfast team in stitches. “If you pay attention to all these things, you may get this white sickness called stress. I don’ t know stress. There’s no word for stress in Zulu,” he said.


  1. yeh right!! the only words this irritating punk knows in all languages are "hump" and "steal". get rid of this illiterate idiot!

  2. if stress is a Whitman sickness then is murder and robbery a blackman sickness? don't you think that "stress is a whiteman sickness" is a racist comment?